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Fluorescent Nanopartikel Red (Eu) – Streptavidin

The red fluorescent (europium) nanoparticles are Polystyrene spheres modified with Streptavidin. They have been used to develop highly sensitive later flow assays based on time-resolved (TRF) fluorescence and as particulate labels in multicolor assays. The beads are supplied as ~0,1% solids (w/v) aqueous suspensions

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Fluorescent Nanopartikel Red (Eu) – Streptavidin

*Size measured before protein coupling. Due to coupling with proteins, the refractive index changes from pure PS standard particles and the size may increase by an unknown amount. **The size is determined using a PS Particle Standard. Due to loading with Europium and coupling with proteins, the gravimetric density of the prepared sample is increased, but unknown. Therefore, the size is determined larger as real. This item is regularly tested and meets all requirements defined by the appropriate specification. This item is manufactured, stored and shipped in accordance with good manufacturing practices.
λexc = 360 nm; λem = 615nm; Slit 2.5/5 nm; delay 0.01ms, gating 5ms, PMT 600 V; Phos.Int 446 C = 6x108/ml dispersed in water

Fluorescent Nanopartikel Red (Eu) - Streptavidin

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