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Cellulose sulfate (Sulfuric acid half ester of cellulose) sodium salt

  • Degree of substitution: 1.40 – 1.60
  • CAS 9005-22-5

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Cellulose sulfate

Structure of cellulose sulfate (schematic)
Water-soluble polyelectrolyte for symplex formation (polyelectrolyte complex) and various other applications. Cellulose sulfate of high viscosity in aqueous solution (2%) of at least 50 mPas (at 100s-1).

Hollow capsules from cellulose sulfate and PolyDADMAC

Selected reference
Macromolecular Bioscience 9 (2009) 343 Semi-Synthetic Sulfated Polysaccharides - Promising Materials for Biomedical Applications In: Polysaccharides: Development, Properties and Applications, Ed. A. Tiwari, Nova Science Publishers, 2010, pp. 213-259

Cellulose sulfate

CodeDSAmount (g)Price (in €)
CS01-11.4-1.6 190.-
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